Monday, May 22, 2006

Let her roll

So I am finally back. The good thing as far as the blog is concerned is that I can finally put in some snaps out here. This was after all intended to be a travel based blog and what use is that if I don’t put in some snaps?

The first thing I did do was to put in a snap of a ship that is sort of the ship that I was on. The sad part is that it doesn’t give a reference size to us sitting out in the open sea. But it is a size of a ship called a “suezmax” and should suffice.
One of the things that people ask me constantly is if these ships roll. The answer is yes. In seas like the ones here, they do. And my ship particularly liked to do so in a ballast condition. Would have explained the concept of GM and GZ curves to you in greater detail, but I flunked Ship Stability – 3.
This particular sea state is about beaufort wind scale 9, which is pretty bad, or as Captain Haddock would say, a bracing Breeze.

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