Thursday, December 27, 2007

One Love & El Nino

Location - Peru Coast, Pacific - 11 21 S, 079 38 W

The last time I was in this area, in September end, I had written a post about the El Nino current . To refresh the info, the El Nino current is a current that has started flowing only over the last few years and is a southward warm current that overpowers the cold northward current that stays here the rest of the year.

Its called El Nino, because it occurs around the last week of December and when it does flow, it brings in huge amount of fish for the fishermen. El Nino translates as "Baby Jesus".

By some cosmic coincidence I find myself in the same location at Christmas. I am happy to say that the El Nino is not flowing this year. I can report that the current is still northerly, but at a much lower rate. For my part in the fight against global warming, I have switched off the Air con of the vessel for the last two days.

The picture above is of the fishing vessel "One Love" in the small city of Lome in the small country of Togo in the huge and fascinating continent of Africa. Its a beautiful name and I hope they catch a lot of fish.

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