Monday, June 30, 2008


 These mosques are the first thing that come to mind when I think of Istanbul. Took this picture a few days back as we passed the Bosphorous. It was evening and the setting sun painted the mosques in a magical golden color.
If you are wondering about the three minars on the right, they seem to have some scaffolding on at present for maintainence.
In the foreground are the many many small ferry's that keep going up and down the channel the whole day. Good thing they keep out of the way of people like us. Almost at this exact location the Turks are building an underwater tunnel that is built more than half way. We'll probably have less of these guys once that gets built. But then they are also planning a Oil Pipeline to the Med from the Black sea. So it might very well be that they will see a lot less of us. :)

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