Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Location : Atlantic Ocean - 35 52 N / 015 11 W

From Algeria, we wound up in Gibralter for fuel. Sadly as events would have
it, by the time we dropped anchor, it was late at night and we left by dawn.
This meant that this was the second time that I had anchored at Gibralter
and couldn't see the rock. If you have found yourself in a somewhat similar
situation, you would appreciate the postcard above that the Agent sourced
for me. If you can't make out the markings properly, the things of interest,
seen in a clockwise direction from top left are :
-Cable Car
- Apes Den
- Catalan Bay
- Botanic Gardens
- Saint Michaels Cave
- Europa Mosque
- Shrine of our lady of Europe
- Europa point
- 100 ton gun
- The convent
- Cathedral of the holt trinity
- Line wall synagouge
- Cathedral of Saint Mary the crowned
- Marina Bay
- Land Frontier
- Great Seige tunnel
- Moorish Castle

This does let you know pretty much everything that a tour guide would tell
you over six hours and a hundred pounds. And as far as you are concenred,
another thousand pounds of air tickets. :)


9teen87 said...

great postcard! thank you for the information on it as well.

9teen87 said...

I would LOVE a postcard from Venezuela! Please stamp it and mail it to:

Brenda Perez
668 Shadowmoss Circle
Lake Mary, Fl 32746


Vin said...

thanks for ur wishes both in directions as well as my writing!
i needed that... i'm new to the blog world.. thanks so much..
u have so many blogs n so much informative posts...i will go thru them one by one.. BTW, who referred my blog?