Saturday, August 23, 2008

Corpus Christi - A bridge and a ship

Location : Freeport 28 48 N , 095 12 W

I have been twice to Corpus Christi over the past few days and since I have been there a few times before this, Corpus Christi has become one of my most visited cities on the US Coast.

This is the view from the bridge as you go into the city harbor. Right up front is the Corpus Christi Harbor bridge and to the right is the USS Lexington, now a Museum.

The corpus Christi bridge is good going in, because we are loaded and so deep into the water. It is while coming out without cargo, when the clearance height of 138 Feet makes us dismantle our mast so that we can slip under it. A fact that always irritates me as I lose Sat C reception till the time the mast is put up again.

The Construction of the Corpus Christi bridge was started in 1956 and it was inaugurated in 1959. Even now, at 243 feet, this is the second tallest bridge in Texas. Sadly because the yanks are still not happy with it, they are going to break it down and built a bigger bridge that will probably mean that I won't have to put down my mast. Also the move is aimed at Cruise ships and Container ships that have a high freeboard. I rather like this bridge because it reminds me of the Bridge of the Americas in Panama, which was built sometime around the same time.

The USS Lexington had a pretty distinguished career behind it before it was converted into a museum on 15th June 1992. Its a great place to visit with a flight simulator and all. I have seen a number of American warships that are laid up now as Museums, but this was the first time I was able to get on it and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The Lex in nicknamed the blue ghost and at night she is lit up in blue light. The sight is amazing. Sadly at 12.95$ for entry, the place is a bit steep for my taste. More info on the lady lex here.

Also in the picture, between the Bridge and the Lex, is a white building, that is the Texas State Aquarium. And to the left of the Harbor Bridge is the Fine Art Museum.

Well I think you've seen pretty much everything there is to see in Corpus Christi. :)

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