Saturday, March 28, 2009

iPhone app tryout- the writepad

Travelling by train does give me enough time to waste and I was not
going to let the opportunity go to waste .

I had uploaded the writepad APP from Prasad on my iPhone and was
determined to See how it would work . I must declare right away that I
have nothing against the keyboard of the iphone . Its just that using
the finger to do the writing Seemed to be a neat alternate to have at
my fingertip :)

As Such I have used it to type this Post and must Say that I am rather
impressed with the result. Though I have taken the better Part of an
hour to get these words out , the Progress toward the end was Much
faster , with me belting out upto three small words at a time .

The hand gestures Such as for return or for space are easy to remember
and once you get used to the app, rather fun. Getting the long words
out is still a challa nge , but Somet{in g I will hopefully get
better at :]

-- This message was composed with PhatWare WritePad 1.6.

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