Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm sorry Mama

For the last few days, the people of Texas were focused on the case of a teenager who shot a police man in the stomach when the cop tried to break up the burglary. Eventually after a chase when the kid was caught, he had three words to say to the TV cameras, "I'm sorry mama."

Eminem said in his song with the same title,
"I'm sorry mama
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant make you cry
But tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet."
It really is a privilege to sail on ships and de-facto be parts of the lives of people in different corners of the world. But the more you look at the differences, the more you are reminded of the universality of emotions and the crushing weight of a mothers sorrow. And how we all need to apologise to it.

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paul the pirate (Yar!) said...

One more idea for a back-up career should we lose our licenses in an oil-related fiasco. I like the idea of a freelance pimp.

And of course the luxurious floating brothel/yacht idea has crossed all 19-year old sailors' minds. My own plan involved waiting until all my living family, relatives, associated clergy, neighbors who know me, and childhood friends passed away, of couse, for decorum's sake.