Thursday, March 11, 2010

Conversations at a French airport

A : so this sign indicates that these seats are reserved for the
handicapped, blind and the deaf. Who are the fourth set?

B : maybe it's you know the speech impaired people

A : oh ! I thought it was meant to be a couple of gay guys.

B : why would they reserve seats for gay guys?

A : I don't know. Maybe because they are french. Plus why do dumb
peole need seats? Why can't they fucking stand quitely in a corner
Like the rest of us?


Mannu said...

haha! smart one.

really a question on the logic why a reserved seat for the deaf and dumb people. Handicapped and Blind agreeably deserve one. how about the first two?
maybe a foresightful action for duly rendering assistance to these two group of people in an emergency!

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