Friday, June 02, 2006

We're keeping the bomb

Today I gave my English exam. Going back to studies after a long hiatus has its own drawbacks. You start viewing your past academics through an extremely red rosy eye-shades. You forget that the main reason that you left studying was because you sucked at it. You convince yourself that you left studies to attain higher goals and to do some other stuff. Then as you are busy attaining higher goals and doing other stuff, you find images of people going off to Goa in an convertible Merc ( Dil Chahata Hai) of generally getting drunk on walls and falling in the water ( Rang de basanti), and the thought creeps in your mind that there might just be some chance that college might be a bit of fun.
Which brings us back, albeit reluctantly, to the English exam. English has sadly become tougher. Not the language, but the language for me. Even facts like “if” English should be written with a capital “E” or a small “e” or “weather” English should be written with a capital “E” or a small “e” and if it is “weather” or “whether” (which is also an spell check option).
So now I am stuck in a college education which refuses to teach me handwriting, basic grammar and spellings, but insists on my explaining Milton with the exquisite grace and eloquence of RK Narayan. I am just not sure who to blame for the whole fiasco.
Back to the English Exam. It wasn’t so bad. But it was way too long for the amount they expected me to write. In one question, those rascals asked me to write a speech on the motion of “India needs to keep the bomb.” Then in the next Question, they ask me to write a speech against the motion. Finally they also ask me to judge the speeches and the deliver the judge’s speech.
Now as the judge, I was pretty impressed by my argument for the bomb. I mean I had made some really soul stirring statements, irrefutable arguments and rhetorical questions into the whole affair. We are talking about a position where we still have an hour left with us. And I must say that inspite of the fact that there was not much time, I did put up a rock solid opposition to the Bomb. Used the logic-chain-argument to some pretty smashing effect if I may bashfully admit.
Judging the whole thing was going to be a bit of a bitch. Especially if you have only tem minutes left and your arse is frozen solid from sitting on the wooden chair in the humid heat for the last three and half hours.
It was finally decided to build the bomb and keep it unassembled. What a crappy sheeskabab. Good thing the judgment was only for 4 marks.


Wanderer said...

interesting read :-)

how was the judgement received?

Velu said...

Hey wanderer.

I think we'll come to know when the results come out. :)