Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Triumph of the hostel food

You really should never let down your guard in Life. Just when Puja thought that she had escaped the fate of hostel life, Bham! She gets married and finds herself in a hostel.

As we were discussing the logistics on the first day in the hostel room, In came the canteen boy with two plates of our Veg-Thali's.

"How much do these thali's cost?" asked Puja
"20 Rupees." I told her

She went into whichever world where women go to handle finaces and multipled the figure with 2 & 30's and bigger numbers before mumbling,
"Hmm... this isn't bad. Maybe we won't need to cook after all."

She then proceeded to eat the lunch in silence. The only thing that she did say at the end was,
"I think we should start looking seriously for that gas cylinder."

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