Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Local Airport

As I lugged my suitcase to the taxi stand in Mumbai, the gang of Taxi drivers standing besides the paan Shop perked up and crowded around me.
"Where do you want to go sir?" One of them asked
"To the domestic airport."

This produced some confused looks and a bout of vigorous murmuring. After much ado, the enterprising man questioned me again.

"To where might you be catching the plane for sir?"
"Er, to Nagpur."

His brows cleared and he glowed with satisfaction.

"Ah! You will be wanting to go to the Local airport then."


Sid said...

anuj velankar.. saale!!! arey yaar sirish kasarbada here.. t.s. chanakya 4th pre sea batch...... mail karna mujhe
still sailing kya?

Sid said...

anuj velankar... salee..... sirish kasarbada here.... t.s chanakya 4th pre sea batch..... mail me at