Saturday, July 14, 2007

The return of the Lego

I haven't been around for some time. I thought I should begin again with something else that I hadn't been doing for some time. The Lego blocks are something that have never lost their coolness as far as I am concerned. The Lego mindstorm Robotic invention system is something that takes these blocks to an all new level.

As a lego fan, I used to relish working on the technic sets. The gears & springs and interlocking parts would in my humble mind be ample proof of some genius at play. The fact that an assorted pile of stuff could be assembled into into something so obvious was magical.

The beauty of the Lego RIS is that not only can it be used to make what the Lego team wants you to do, but that the Lego team wants you to do what you want to do with the Lego RIS. At the heart of the RIS is the RCX module (That Yellow thingy on the top) that you can actually programme with your PC as you want. The RCX, powered by six AA batteries and assisted by gadgets such as Touch sensors, motors, light sensors and such cool stuff, allows you to make stuff such as cars, robots and other cool stuff that your mind and additional lego blocks might allow. Look at the sort of stuff that JP Brown here has come up with.

I doubt that I will come anywhere as cool as good ol JP back there, but I did come out with this creation. This is a double bumper truck with touch sensors below the bumpers and after the truck reaches a wall and the touch sensor is depressed, the vehicle stops, reverses, turns and then proceeds till encountering another obstacle.

Very cool.


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