Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The legend of the house sparrow

A blogger I regularly read is Eric, who maintains a philately blog. He recently posted a stamp featuring the sparrow from Belarus. A further research informed me that stamps on Sparrows were around in some quantity. While I am not going to start another collection on sparrows, let me tell you the story of why the male sparrow has a darker chest then the female of that species.

It so happened that once Mrs Sparrow decided that she wanted to apply Kajal (Mascara) to her eyes, but sadly back then the sparrows didn't have any. So she told Mr Sparrow to get some. Mr Sparrow flew far and wide, but there was no Mascara to be found anywhere. After a long futile search, he finally came upon a big black rock. This was the perfect rock that Mrs Sparrow could use for her Mascara. But it was simply not possible for Mr Sparrow to take the big rock to the Mrs. And god forbid the thought of Mrs Sparrow coming out of the nest without her make up intact for applying the Kajal! So Mr Sparrow did the only thing that came to his mind then. He rubbed his chest on the rock with all his might till the color rubbed off. He then returned to Mrs Sparrow and since that day, every morning before Mr & Mrs Sparrow leave their nest, Mrs Sparrow takes a little bit of the Kajal from Mr Sparrows chest and applies it to her beautiful eyes.

There is a Sparrow couple that feels very much at home in the Kitchen. Today they were glaring at us from the Kitchen window as we were intruding in their Kitchen. I took a few snaps of them.

This is probably the reason why they stick so close to each other. You don't find too many women away from their make-up Kit!


NIHAL said...

Hi Velu,

That's an interesting story, now at least I know. BTW, thanks for that visit earlier on, appreciate it, my friend :)

Eric said...

Hi Velu

Thank you for this very nice story. And thank you for mentioning my blog. I'm also reading yours regularly.
I wish you the best

sirjorge said...

those are indeed some great shots

plain jane said...

thats nice.. :)