Friday, August 31, 2007

Depart Baltimore

GPS Position : 36 13N , 075 02W

Another reason that I liked Baltimore was because it gave a feeling of a classic city. Sort of like a snapshot of an American city from the forties. Cities like New York seem to have lost their soul in the maze of concrete & glass.

Most of the High-rises in Baltimore are concentrated in the Downtown region as is the case with most American cities, but they do look beautiful. I'm not sure which any of these buildings are but I'm sure that almost any Baltimore resident would have
been able to recognize these buildings.

Another picture that intrigued me was this huge Sugar factory called "Domino Sugar". At least I think that is the factory & not an Advert Billboard. For some reason, a sugar factory in a major port of the US seems to be a bit strange. One would imagine
that All American sugar would be made elsewhere.

We did leave Baltimore today, but over the last few ports, I think Baltimore is one of the cities that I would enjoy walking around in.

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