Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Norfolk Anchorage

GPS : 39 06 N, 076 14W

Norfolk anchorage is not really a very busy place. If you come from the major shipping lanes like the Malacca Straits and the English Channel, you would actually think it a bit deserted. The only things other then a few Container ships that keep
moving to & fro are the Naval Ships from The Norfolk Naval Base. Yesterday I had shown you the Princess I riding to her anchor. On the other side were rows of Aircraft carriers (I counted six!) being refitted. I even spotted the aircraft carrier that
had interfered with the movements of ships the other day. All it sported was a solitary & sad looking plane with no one for company.

In the other picture, you see the Warship 67 coming in the channel being escorted by her Tugs. I chose this picture because you see the Aircraft carrier in the background, & you can even see the sailors lined up on the deck. I'm not sure why all the
sailors are required to line up on deck whenever a Naval vessel comes to port, but I've found that theses Naval chaps are altogether funny chaps.

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veluSr said...

Any idea why is the mast on ship 67 not vertical and looks bent backwards . Fist time I have seen such inclination .