Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Copus Christi Inner Harbor bridge

Location - Yucatan Channel - 22 07 N,085 54 W

This is the Corpus Christi inner harbour bridge & if you look a few post back to the bridge of the Americas, you'll realise that it bears a striking resemblance to the bridge of the Americas in Panama. I'm not sure which bridge was inspired by whom , but surely it's more then a plain coincidence.

As we had come to the port at night, this is the snap of us going out. On the left of the bridge is the Texas State Aquarium, where we went and saw a nice dolphin show. On the right of the bridge is a Museum (I think of fine arts. Which we did not go to. I think our priorities are very clear. :)

Though the bridge might look like the Bridge of the Americas it is no where near in size. The bridge has a horizontal span of 300 Feet and a vertical span of 138 feet. When we came in, we had an air draft of 132 feet and as we passed under the bridge,I was convinced that I had come out on the other side minus a radar antennae.

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