Monday, October 01, 2007

Miraflores Locks - Panama

Location : Chile Coast - 18 45 S, 076 54 W

The picture above is one of the classic shot of the Panama canal. A gem of a shot if I might be allowed a little modesty.

Let me explain. Of the three lock gates of Gatun, Perdo Miguel & Miraflores, it is the Miraflores that is the most famous. This is simply because it is the closest to Panama city, & so has a big tourist centre. Hence, if a chap staggers over to you in
a pub on Grant road at noon (Lets skip what you were doing there for the time being) and claims to have visited the Panama Canal, he is in most probability, talking of the Miraflores.

Of the Miraflores, the White Building featured above is the most famous landmark. It stands, as it stood way back in 1913 when the canal opened up & no one is quite sure what it is used for these days. If you zoom into this low resolution picture, you
might just make out the writing on the wall "Miraflores Locks 1913"

So the picture has the following going for it:
01. The Miraflores locks
02. The Building of the locks
03. A great profile of the Locomotive - The work horses of Panama
04. A container ship inside the adjacent lock.
05. A view of the entire lock & the lock gate on the right.

Yes.An absolute classic. Now if only that funnel of mine has stayed out of the way...

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Anonymous said...

That is the Control House for the locks.
All the Gates and Water Control Valves are operated from there by Control House operators.