Monday, November 05, 2007

Curacao - waterfront

Location : Off Tobago : 11 27 N, 060 14 W

Am off the Island of Tobago right now. Now we leave the confined waters of the caribbean and step out into the huge Atlantic Ocean. Before we step out of the Carrib, let me part with a snap of probably the most popular place in Curacao, the waterfront.
The Waterfront in Curacao is not really the sea front, but the narrow channel leading from the sea to the Willemstad harbor. across the narrow channel, they have built a bridge that floats on pontoons and is imaginatively called the "Floating bridge".
The above picture is taken from the bridge at night and shows the building in all their splendid colors & dutch design. during the day, the Restaurants set up tables along the water and you get to enjoy the best that the Caribbean has to offer for 3.99
a glass of Baccardi cocktails.

BTW, a point of interest, the route from Curacao to the present position off Tobago, brought me off the Island of Tortuga yesterday evening. The kind reader may remember it as a pirate stronghold in the motion picture "Pirates of the Caribbeans" where
everyone keeps fighting with each other & women strangely keep slapping all men in sight.

Avast Me hearties! Arrr!

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