Saturday, November 03, 2007

The finger insect at Curacao

Location - The Caribbean - 12 43 N, 070 49 W

I agree that on the face of it, close up images of an insect do seem strange on a blog focused on sea life, but we are reaching Curacao tomorrow for supplies & the last time I was there, this very strange fellow dropped by the ship. I am very surprised that this species have not become extinct till now, simply because it spent almost nine minutes out of ten on its back wriggling its legs. I infact had to flip it over so that it could give me a couple of profile shots. After obliging me, he promptly flipped over & began the leg wriggling. It might be that this is some arcane insectile mating ritual, but I doubt it.

The curious thing about it though is that when yo look at it, it looks astonishingly like a thumb or a finger. Sort of like doing a cut-thumb trick and then the thumb sprouts legs and starts crawling around. Creepy!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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