Thursday, December 15, 2005

The absence explained

Sorry for the inconvenience. Before I go any further I must confess that I have not logged on the internet for more then a month, and even now I'm not really logged on to the net, but am only sending this through the mail.
So you will all forgive me if in my fervent imagination I see millions of clicks on the blog & thousands dropping messages wondering if I was dead in some winding road in the himalayas & if they could finally open the Bubbly & start the party.
I am here to tell those people that sadly they shall have to wait. But they can take solace in the fact that my event less journey continued in rather the same manner till Delhi & from there to my house in Nagpur. It shall please me to great extents to go into that episode of my life in great detail at some later time & place. But not now.
Now, I’m in the middle of the Atlantic & I doubt that there is an internet cafĂ© closer then a thousand miles in any direction. I am stuck here in the middle of the Atlantic because this is what I do. When I say that this is what I do, I don’t mean that I generally get stuck in the middle of the Atlantic on an arbitrary Wednesday evening. It is my job. I work on ships. So I get stuck in the middle of the Atlantic because they pay me to.
Actually over the last month or so since I dipped off the Radar, I've been over to a couple of places in the US, to Venezuela & am on the way to Turkey, Russia & then a couple of ports in Europe. So I figure I'll just tell you about them until I can make it back to the Himalayas.
So I'll keep dropping a mail or two a week & see how it goes. You all keep floating & I'll try to do the same over here.
And keep that bubbly on the ice a little longer.