Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nicaragua - The wall

Location : The Yucatan - 17 08 N, 082 06 W

In my pursuit of the global graffiti, here is a wall from the small village of Corinto in Nicaragua. For a change I think the graffiti is about pro-social causes such as deforestation and abortions.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Location : The Carribs - 13 57 N, 079 40 W

I know I say this about every place, But Nicaragua is a beautiful country. I think once I get back home I should lay down strict guidelines on rating beauty. But the above scene was just sitting on the balcony of my deck. There are not too many people
in Nicaragua and the reason might be the presence of 27 active Volcanos on the pacific coast. This is one of them and the fact that it was spewing out smoke throughout the stay of the ship was not very comforting to me. I've heard people actually pay money to get near places like this.

Its a good thing I got my Pay raise last year!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Valparaiso - The wall

Location : Pacific, Ecuador Coast - 00 23 S, 083 09 W

Valparaiso really is a beautiful city. It was one of the oldest cities to be settled in the country of Chile and the neat thing about it is that as it was settled, people from all over Europe came to the city and built houses in the style of their
country. So you have French Shotgun houses nestled right besides a British country home. One great thing I like about the city was the huge variety if Graffiti on display. You had the more standard ones with weird font letters like the ones you usually
see in the US to some really beautiful paintings done up on the wall.

The snap above is on one such wall I pass on the way to lunch as we went walking on the cobbled roads.

PS: As you can see from the position, I am now 23 miles from the equator so should be passing the big line in a couple of hours.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sea Lions

Location : Pacific - Peru Coast 07 59 S, 080 49 W

Chile claims a sizeable chunk of the Antartic Continent as a part of its Territory. I am not really sure how this goes down internationally because as far as my understanding went, the whole of the Antartic was supposed to be an international territory.
Regardless, the Antartic does impose a potent influence on the whole country simply because of the cold water current that flows from it up the Chilean coast. This also brings along the visitors from down under such as Penguins and Sea lions.

While Penguins are often spotted about 50 miles south of Valparaiso, only sea lions venture north up to Vina Del Mar. The picture above is of a rock just off the coast on the main road joining Vina Del Mar and Quintero. The picture was taken by a
camera with zero optical magnification and 3 mega pix. I really regretted the fact that my faithful camera had finally died. Missed some wonderful snaps back there.

A stamp sheet of these included in the Philatelic bolg.

The Beach

Location : Pacific, Peru Coast - 10 55 S, 079 47 W

Inspired by the post that I put up on my philatelic blog, I wanted to show you what a day on the beach looks like in Chile in the Summer.

This was also the day after the new year and on they say a million extra people had come to the Twin cities of Valparaiso & Vina Del MAr. This is the Main Beach of Vina.

The Jetty in the background is that of an old Sugar refining factory, but has now been condemed for the use of some amusement park while the Sugar plant dug up and shipped to some remote region.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Warli Painting

Location - Pacific - 16 15 S, 077 54 W

Have been meaning to put this latest by Puja for some time. She painted this last month using Acrylic paints.