Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mention by that Mexican Guy!

That is me! I am velu! I got mentioned here!

I was described as "unlike the very satisfied, and always graceful writer on everything from postcards to Turkish seaports to the recent tragedy in Mumbai, and hilariouly on buying -- or not buying -- a cell phone... sailor,writer and racontuer, Anuj Velu )."

Happiness! Happiness!

Richard: Since you are probably the only person other then dad who reads this I have added your blog as a link on the right:)


Richard Grabman said...

You are too modest... I use "blogflux" to track my "hits"... it pops up a world map telling me where the people who visit are coming from, and who referred them. Who knew we had a friend in Overland Park, Kansas?

Onno said...

Hi Anuj,

Though reading your blog since 2 days ago, you've got your "third" fan besides Richard and your dad now. Great stories and humor. Keep up the good work.


Carrie said...

Velu - you underestimate your popularity.