Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Those Singing Indians

I was feeling a bit embaressed after a bout of rather vigrous singing on our cycle expidition at kanchanaburi. I went up to our guide and asked her,
"Don't the Thai people sing much?"

"No." She replied.

"Oh! Well in India, we are always singing."

"Yes" She Replied seriously, "I have seen the movies."

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Richard Grabman said...


And I thought Mexican films -- especially those of the 1950s in which the star, whether he was playing a Revolutionary guerrilla leaders or a Catholic priest, was always played by a popular singer ... who would break into song. Even "mad scientist" films had their singing number... but Bollywood has it all over Churubosco in the song department. The plots seem to be designed to fill the time between musical numbers.

That photo you admired from Oaxaca was apparently on the door of a restaurant catering to English-speaking tourists in the old section of the city. Perhaps when a movie is eventually made about THIS protest movement, it'll have a few good musical numbers too.