Sunday, August 06, 2006

Theme pubs in Nagpur

The city of Nagpur, in recent times, has taken a lot of beating for being a retrogate, and underdeveloped location that does not even belong in any map worthy of its name. My wife of course points out that this malecious propoganda is driven solely by my blog posts. To counter this and other similar allegations, over the coming days I shall endevour to redress the situation.
There were ofcourse the wonderful pictures of the bovines running around on the Nagpur roads.
A true example of the wondrous ecosystem that is Nagpur.

But that does not mean that Nagpur is something that dies at night. Infact the nightlife is one of the most redeeming feature of this city. Today I shall talk about the various theme pubs in the city.

Gangster-Criminal theme pub : There is a pub out here with and Gangster-Criminal theme to it. The whole place is dimly lit and for the appropriate sound effect the songs are bleated out from Gaint speakers that will make you deaf within a min of entering. The best thing about this theme pub is the attention to detail. You have to look really hard for them, but they are all around.
* Firstly, they don't let you in directly. You first knock on the door and then someone first slides open a small porthole before opening the door.
* Then the props are amazing. Sometimes they put pools of blood like material lying around here and there.
* Apart from hiring actors to occasionally brawl with each other, they even stage police raids on occasion.
A great experience to be had.

Poverty - theme pub:: This is going back to the grassroots pub. Sort of like dressing down. There is ofcourse no lights and they make you sit on the floor. They even put your forign liquor in country liq bottles and serve them to you. The sound system is appropriate. An old two in one bleats out All india Radio. The best touch is the toilet, that has to be seen to be believed. I have it from reliable sources that people from as far as the Mumbai health dept have come by to see this toilet. An experience not to be missed.

Illegal theme pub:- This is another neat theme pub. For all respects this does not look like a pub. Infact nowhere on the premises orin the menu, is there any indication that this is a pub or that any alcohol is ever served out here. Infact the best place about it is that here the customer is entertained by playing games. If you have to order Rum, you have to wink at the waiter and ask for "Cola". "Orange" For Whisky and "7 Up " for Vodka. Sometimes to liven up the atmosphere, a boy comes in running shouting, "POLICE AALI! POLICE AALI!" . Immediately all of us are rounded up and herded into a small damp and dark room for about an hour. Great fun and excitement all around.

So the next time anybody points a crooked finger at this city, point them along to this blog. Should shut them up for good.

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