Wednesday, January 13, 2010

From Egyptian Ship Chandler with love

Location : Mexico

Receiving emails from ship chandlers of Egypt is as common as getting emails
from widows of rich Nigerian government officials. I am convinced that both
types of emails are true. You only have to go to Nigeria to see that there
is obviously no government official left alive (plus even their President is
in some sort of coma in Saudi). And a visit to Egypt will
resolve any doubts regarding the earnestness of the Egyptian ship Chandlers.

The most recent one I got starts off like this,

"Fm: Winner Supply Co, Egypt
Kind Att: Master
Date: 11th Jan 2010

Dear Sir,
Good Day Capt, ( Happy New Year )

Wish this day to be a great day for, you, your family, and
all the great crew under your wise command..."

I like this guy already. To everybody out there, if you do visit Egypt,
please take supplies from the Winner Supply Co.

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