Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spanky - One year on and still at it

Do you remember "Jaws" in which this crazy shark gets into its head to bite a piece of the Hero's arse? Around this time last year, I had put up a post on "Spanky" who was doing crazy things at Galveston Anchorage. It was Deja Vu during my last call there as we came in to anchor.

The Duty officer reported," Sir vessel coming up from behind. Some ship called Spanky."

My blood ran cold and I almost spilled my coffee. It is a really good coffee.

I have no idea how Spanky knew I was around, but I was taking no chances, I hightailed it out of there and anchored well away from where I had initially planned.

Spanky gave up its chase after a while and went off to trouble some troubled Filipino third mate, who was last heard plaintively calling out on the radio,
" But why? Why are you coming so near me?"

The spooky thing is, the only time Spanky is seen is at night. If Louis hadn't assured me otherwise and actually taken a picture of it in daylight, it would be spooky indeed!
Pictured above is the Radar picture of Spankys run along with the AIS information.

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