Sunday, January 31, 2010

Post pirates movie marathon

The heartlands of India were rather untouched by the salt of the sea until
the "Pirates of the Caribbean" came to be released. I ofcourse raise no
claims regarding the accuracy, or the lack thereof, of
this classic feature presentation, but looking at Capt. Jack Sparrow, it is
possible to reach certain assumptions regarding seafarers which may be

I am given to understand that these days one of the first question a father
asks of his prospective
seafarer son-in-law, is if he has been to the pirate port of Tortuga. My own
father-in-law ofcourse realised that at this point of time, it was probably
better that he did not know of the fact but being a doctor, couldn't resist
asking me one rather unremarkable evening,

"So how frequently do you guys take a bath on ships?"


Dorothy Rimson said...

Hmm...good one. Good job Captain

Mannu said...

hahah..ggoooooooooddd onee!!!