Saturday, July 08, 2006

The choice of an honeymoon destination

The thing about making a honeymoon trip to thailand. Its entirely astonishing. People just can't understand why someone would want to drag his new wife to thailand. If sex was the option, then that could have been provided by the hospitable natives in manners as yet unparrelled by any single wife. If solitude was the desired medium, then surely India provided you with enough sites to keep you without social company till you lost all your vestigial organs related with speech. But no. You had to upset the natural order of things and have an honeymoon at Thailand.

The first problem that and Indian couple faces is conversational crisis.

"So have you two decided on a place for Honeymoon?"
"Yeah. We're going to Thailand."
"... Oh!how nice...."
" Yes I suppose it is."
"Have you tried the Paneer Bhurji?"
"Oh yes! I was telling your mother that she just has to teach me..."
And so it goes.

To the few who actually ask me why thailand, I simply tell them that the only other place then bangkok that international flights from Nagpur go to, is Sharjah.

And that was too bloody hot.

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