Saturday, July 08, 2006

Thanks to Carrie

What do you know? Carrie actually put my blog as a link on her blog. This has to be the best day in my blogging life. To Carrie, thank you. I am most honored. Even if you were tweaking around with your HTML settings and all. Thankyou all the same. You are probably one of the two people who saw my blog in the last decade.

to the other chap, if you ever return, please check out the infrequent musings of carrie .


Velu said...


Velu said...

I am the one person to visit velu's blog in the last decade . am extremely interested in every thing he does , you see I happen to be his dad . That is not the only reason , we really like his style of prose !!! Extremely readable , even if we say so !!!!

Thanks Carrie for being the other one !!!

Richard Grabman said...

Your OTHER visitor's blog, alas, is so narrowly (or, some say, obsessively) focused on Mexico, it's hard to see how I can link -- AH, Mexico was once "Las Indias"

Hang in there, Velu... I always enjoy your wanderings -- physical and mental.

Anonymous said...

I think thats an understatement..

There is one other person who loves to visit your blog..

Always a delight!!!

Take Care