Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dad! Get your own Handle !

Normally I consider myself a normal person. That others disgree with me normally is not my lookout. But that they generally disagree is getting more and more clear to me. After much study of my sorroundings I am getting a clearer picture of why this might be.

Tkae for instance my blog on the purchase of mobile phone purchase , a couple of days later, we find "Velu" commenting,
"very very good . Terrific humor . Rolled around laughing . Velu , you make me laugh .Thanks !"

I am a sucker for compliments, but this has to be against some moral law.

The mystery is somewhat resolved when the other day, on my blog for carrie Velu writes,
"I am the one person to visit velu's blog in the last decade . am extremely interested in every thing he does , you see I happen to be his dad . That is not the only reason , we really like his style of prose !!! Extremely readable , even if we say so !!!!"

Is velu his own dad? Is the dad velu? Is velu and his dad the same person? If so why are they not using different handles?


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P said...

half knowledge is dangerous thing ! being semi - computer-literate has its advantages as well as disadvantages. we can surf, write & receive mail and browse but then we also land up with WRONG handle !!!hope this time have got it right .
even thogh wrong handle I still maintain :mobile...." was good !