Monday, April 27, 2009

GPS tracking on the iphone

I have been checking out the amazing applications available on the Iphone for some time, and these days, I am trying out a couple of apps that deal with GPS and other navigation based applications.

One of the applications has been released by the people at Instamapper, whose blog can be seen here , and is called the "GPS Tracker". A very neat application that allows you to share your position or track live to the audience on your website or even on your blog. Not only that, you could even embed the map on your facebook profile.

One of the neat examples for the practical uses of this app can be found on the "Team twitchy blog of its Rickshaw run." Its their blog of an amazing journey from Shillong to Goa in a Auto Rickshaw. These guys have just completed their journey on the 25th of April and are probably getting some well deserved beers on the beaches of Goa.

I'm not planning to venture off on a cross country auto rickshaw journey anytime soon, but the possibilities unravelled are simply too delicious to not salivate over


Mannu said...

I m yet to get my iphone, and my N73 has not yet worked on Nokia Maps even.
The world opens to some new possibilty everyday.

Anonymous said...

If you like traveling go to I go camping with my family and use some great GPS devices here just in case anyone gets lost on the trip.

Vinnie said...

i need a GPS chip drilled inside my brain !

that tuktuk ride was some awesome experience :)

Velu said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Mannu : I agree, Nokia and pretty much every other company out there is still trying to play catch up with the iphone. But the Blackberry storm is a pretty neat package.

Anon : Thanks for the website address address. Like mannu said, "new possibilities everyday"

Vinnie : Yes, the tuk tuk was neat nahi? :)