Monday, April 06, 2009

The red fort

Had gone to chandni chowk at Delhi a couple of days back with Jayati .
The atmosphere out in that part of the town is amazing. Gorges
ourselves on the food out there like 'Dahi wada' and jalebi etc and
even has boondi is ladoo at a shop that's been around since the early

Great fun it was except for the fact that
Had gone there on a very distracting work. I think I'll have to go
there again one of these days again. Atleast to take a somewhat decent
picture of the red fort.


Vinnie said...

:) i was expecting a snap of the red fort! koi baat nahi..maybe the next time u go
congrats on ur baby

as time passes, things change/evolve..we lost as i was checking my indiblogger account, i found ur blog again n thankfully no restricted access:)

u were a reader of my first post!

Velu said...

Hey Vinnie!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting! was great to see you again and your blog has grown so much and I see that there are no dearth of comments! :)

Wish you the best of health.