Tuesday, April 14, 2009

India smoke map

A few posts back, I had mentioned a Nasa picture showing smoke from wood and dung chip fires hanging over north India. I finally got around to it and dug it up from thr NASA website. You can see the smoke stretching from Punjab to bihar in the picture.

The red dots are actual fires. These are the fires lit up in Punjab after harvest to clear the fields. An amazing picture to put things in perspective.


Vinnie said...

if not for u, i wouldnt have ever known:)

Velu said...

Thanks for the comment vin, good work with your fiction55 work. Very intresting!


funny and other said...

Hi Velu,
I only got to your site now, so it is the first time I see this picture, absolutely amazing. Like your blog, very interesting, and I think you have a very interesting career. If you dont mind, I would love to exchange links with your site, if you are keen, pleas let me know and we can link. Thanks.