Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day 4 - The day ahead

This is the tungnath temple. One of the most brilliant sights I have seen in my life.
I would have liked to tell you chaps here that the sights greeting me in the morning infused me with fresh energy & all that, but sadly that was not to be. If 14 km up the kedar trek on Mule back had fried my back side, then 14Km back on foot had pretty much done the same with every muscle associated with locomotion. As I probed tenderly with my fingers, I could not locate one single muscle below the rib cage that did not hurt. Not one single muscle.
There was of course the bright side to all this. I discovered that underneath all that fat, there still existed stomach muscles. Quite honestly, I am not too sure how stomach muscles can get strained by walking for 14 km. I honestly don't know. But that probably is the reason that they did.

I think I mentioned the Story of the Pandav’s getting hold of Shiva in the Himalayas. Well the five parts of Shiva, as they came out of the ground have been converted into five temples & are called “Panch-Kedar”. Tungnath, is where Shiva’s heart came out at & the temple here is supposed to more then 5000 years old & set up by Arjun himself.
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Anonymous said...

Fucking gorgeous picture. You photoshopped? Yes? No?

Velu said...

Well no. I actually screwed it up because I don't really know how to take pictures.
But glad you liked it. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, screw up or not, it works for me!


Shiva's Heart or Hand.....? Who knows?