Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day 4 - Tungnath - The bubbling cauldron of life

great view at tungnath
So anyway, I finally did the Tungnath trek. I must say that it was by far, the most beautiful & spiritual experience I have had till date. As you go up, on one side you have green slopes with the path ziz-zagging up it, & on the other side, the whole panorama of the Himalayan range opens out to you. As the suns rises & drops its first rays n the peaks, they begin to glow and the glow keeps spreading as you go up to the top.
Very near to the top of the mountain is this most antique temple that is still somehow standing. I am convinced that it is some sort of an optical illusion.
From here, you get the 360-degree view of the whole range, and with the temple in the middle, it makes it the timeless masterpiece of an experience. The clouds were rising like hot geysers & the conundrum of the clouds & fog down below was bubbling like some mysterious bubbling in a druid’s cauldron.
I sent M& P down ahead of me, & kept sitting there for the longest time in silence as the priest kept chanting prayers in the background. When I did eventually start back on the way down, I found tha5t I was crying. I cried the whole way down. 4 Km is a long way to cry. As the trail ended at the village, I went off a little distance from it & sat on a rock and then I cried some more.
There was a mule grazing nearby. I opened up my register & began to draw it. But the mule kept moving its legs & they are by far the most difficult. On top of that, the stomach & the rump also did not align. So it was a bad drawing. After that I stopped crying.

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No matter what you might say, you are really a talented photographer and writer.

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Well thanks! :)

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