Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day 5 - The last tea stall in India

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The only place left to go before we returned was up to Mana, where the road ends. There were a few interesting things up there that I wanted to tick off before I left. Firstly was the Vyas gufa (cave), where the Maharishi Vyas sat down to write the Epic “Mahabharata” . It is a smallish cave and I doubt that the scene has changed much in the last 5113 years that have passed.
Also of note were the Ganesh Gufa. I don’t think Ganesh would have been too happy about his Dad, Shiva being tricked out of the home. Part of his legacy & ancestral property I suppose. It’s a nice little cave & sat there for a little while.
And finally, the thing that no one told me about, the last tea shop in India. Mana is a village that remains open only six months in a year. As such it is the last village on the trail.
After mana, you only have wild trails passing through wild & inhospitable climates up to the China border. As a result, this is apparently the last tea shop this side of the Border. After this you’ll find only snow lemurs & penguins till the China border, crossing which I am sure you will find at least a stall selling pirated DVD’s.

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