Friday, October 28, 2005

The river and the others

Stayed for the night at a GMVN guest house at Karnaprayag. The resort was right besides the Alaknanda river. She is a river still in its youth. Sloshing & gurgling its way over the rocks, hurrying on its way, forthy & ever changing. Its not even very deep here & rocks keep jutting out of its surface at odd places. Around these rocks, the river lodges a protest with a eddy & a few bubbles. The birds insist on hopping from one rock to the other, as if unequal to the task of crossing over to in one jump. To strengthen this feeling, they pump their tails up & down , pumping themselves for the next big hop. There are lush green mountains on either side of us & in the morning the fog came down the valley but dared not come to more then a meter or two above the rivers surface. Mocking & admiring it alternatively. As the sun came up, the fog went to the top of the mountain, where it currently resides, desperately trying to stay hidden in the folds & shadows of the peaks, pig-headedly ignoring its true calling.

The water is very cold.

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old hospital bills said...

Hi Velu. Can I find any information on here? My friend said to check out The river and the others for information on old bills but this does not seem like the most relevant of blogs. I like cruzing through your site but maybe search engines might have more information. Need to come back later though...great blogs!

Steph said...

Wow what an adventure you're having.Keep safe and keep posting.