Monday, September 18, 2006

The days are all packed.

My blog does not seem to have any entries in it for some time now. It is probably a good thing. But then most things, good or bad, must be explained when possible.

As everyone is aware, there is nothing like some good education to kill anything creative in a person. I have joined college. In Mumbai.

The weird part of it is that there is so much to write about in a place like Nagpur when you are doing practically nothing, but in Mumbai when the day is literally packed, there just seems to be nothing to write about at the end of the day. A day in mumbai is like a roller-coaster ride, after which, you just want to sit down on a bench and grin to yourself.


Richard Grabman said...

I understand. I write more in Alpine Texas (population 6000) than I do in Mexico City (population 20,000,000). But, as always, I appreciate what you do write.

MacNut said...

Hah. very true. you need time to think before you write and when do you think if you're too busy frantically running around living an exciting life?

this is why the greatest philosophers never had lives. except rousseau, who i understand, had too much of one and too many children.

All of that apart, two things:
a) where are you staying? some person we both know from a shady govt. agency was saying we should meet up.
b) those first day covers have been coming home by post for years and years! since the late 80s at least. but i never knew about the sheets. do not tell my father about them, or he will start collecting them too.

answers by PM or on a postcard.

Velu said...

Richard and Macnut: Thanks for the comments.

Macnut: will PM you a little later.