Thursday, September 21, 2006

My Happy Birthday to me!

Yes. It is my birthday today.

Apart from the fact that I have aged another year and don't seem to be any wiser from it, it is proving to be much fun.

Much to Puja's anguish, these days the birthdays seem to be welcomed at midnight. This ofcourse means that someone has to stay awake till midnight so that the rest can be woken up. As you can see, I am not slowly taking the narrative to a party that was most rocking!

But thankfully we had Rajat, my batchmate and my chaddi-buddy to give me company through the aurdous hours leading up to midnight. Ofcourse a few pegs of officers choice did help in relieving the burden of each others company. I think we didn't deviate much from our usual discussion on topics ranging from the Karmic circle to our great wisdom in being able to talk about the karmic circle.
Puja , full credit to her, did manage to stay awake till almost midnight, but the poor thing has been below the weather these last few days with a viral and needed to be nudged at approprite intervals so as to make nodding gestures in Rajats direction.

Then about 10 min before midnight, Rajat called it a night and went off. I thought, " Great! Some action with the Mrs perhaps?" But before I could put any moves in effect, in comes Rajat again with a choclate cake and there was as much commotion and clapping as three people can legally make in a hostel at midnight ! :)

I got great gifts. TWO FabIndia cotten shirts which are great as is evident from the pictures. I even wore the red shirt in the morning and it does look good on me , a fact that you will have to agree with simply because it is my birthday today.

But the best part was the Stamps! Puja went all the way to VT while she was sick to get me these neat miniature sheets! I liked the sheet from Anguilla the best. It is so beautiful, that you could just stand looking at is for such a long time. But also, the views are what we have in our Admilarity sailing directions. . Also there is a stamp ( I think Russian) about some football event in Brazil that happened during 1983. I will have to check up on that. But there was great happiness and I have now put them all in my stamp album.

I think I will wait another day before I shout on Puja for going out to buy me gifts when she was sick.


M & P said...

This is now 1413 h . we are to leave in another 17 mts . However just thought of logging on and seeing if there was any latest news .
Guess what we were not disappointed . M was thrilled to the core and there was much happiness in the house . Very glad to have logged on when we did . "hamesha khush aur dandurust raho"

MacNut said...

Wow! very nice birthday. :)

Happy birthday, many more good ones as well, I hope, and your wife is an angel to go all the way to VT with viral.

Velu said...

M&P : Thanks. Have a nice trip to pune. Will try to call you once you land up there.

Macnut: thankyouthankyou! Yes angle she is. I think that is beacuse the both of us combine to make the forces equal (that ying-yang thing) :)

ravi.kothari said...

wish u a belated :)b day
god bless u


Velu said...

thanks dada!

ravi.kothari said...

Hi Anuj
Been to u r blog good to note that, despite all the interruptions n disturbances u have been at it. Just want to renew my recommendations that apart from this do start writing a column / articles for some travel magazine. Outlook Traveller or India Today Plus r a few basics that I can think of or could be a regular column in good old TOI or Hindu that’s primarily to benefit not so net savvy people.
What was more pleasant was not one but two 1st u r new blog of Dads photos up loaded, bye the way don’t u have some of the “Vijay super” the in thing then after Java. The 2nd to have a glimpse of the Mhow a good job!! Shall read at leisure.
How did Indore — Uday Bhavan, 11 Ganesh Colony escaped a mention in u r blog?

Apoorwa said...

had written to you in this earlier but it got hung... dont know why..'looks like you look more at your blog than your mail so writing here.
pooja is a real sweatheart! hope you guys make another trip to indore, or that i come to mumbai while you are there. let me know.
mine is a micromini one but if you get time check mi blog-
i think that is the address..