Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bridge of the Americas

Location : Equador Pacific coast - 00 17 N / 080 55 W

Featured above is the Bridge of the Americas in Panama. It is called so because for a long long time, this was the only bridge connecting the North & south America. It is really astonising to consider two huge continents to be connected with such a
thin link.

We had started feom Gatun lake at 0900 hrs & by the time we passed through the Miraflores locks, it was evening. The Bridge of the Americas is at the southern end of the canal & actually in the background you can see the first glimpse of the Pacific.

South of this bridge is territory that I have never been to before in my life. & the Pacific is the one ocean that I have not crossed. That will have to remain so for the near future, but I will go down the western coast of the South America. The route
will take me past Columbia, Equador (where I am presently) , Peru & Finally to Chile.

I have never been to Chile as well & to be honest had never really seen it much on the chart. As I did so, I was astonished that it really is a big country. It stretches right from the upper half of the continent & continues way down south to the very
tip of South America. It will be great to go & do those things & visit those places.

We will also be crossing the Equator today. Lets see if Neptune comes over & blesses the ship. :)

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