Tuesday, September 04, 2007

US Coast guard 211 at Charleston

Posted at sea : 30 35 N, 082 19W

When alongside the berth at Charleston, this Coastguard vessel passed by. Like the Naval ships, coastguard ships don't carry the names painted on their sides. This one seems to be a supply of support craft of some sort. Charlston is a small port but
there is a substantial presence of the coastguard. This presence is also manifested because there are fewer naval vessels here. I had got to speaking to a chap from the USCG & he was telling me that a pert of the movie "The Guardian" a movie based on
the rescue squad of the USCG, is based on the camp at Norfolk hardly a couple of hours drive from here. I think I'll have to watch that movie again.

That capable fellow told me that there was a bigger presence of the USCG at Norfolk, but the staggering mass of the Naval contingent there meant that no one really noticed the USCG. Or as he put it, " They don't notice us - till things start going

This is also a great snap to see the container handling cranes in the background. These cranes are stowed in the picked up condition when not in use & are lowered once the container ships come to the berth.

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