Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Charleston Bay Bridge

I have been sailing on the larger ships for so long that I had almost forgotten how much fun it was to pass under the bridges. Charleston was a dreary place. It was cloudy & rained pretty much throughout the stay there. For some reason, there was no
city in evidence. Most US cities that I have seen are characterized by these clutter of high rises that the Americans inevitably call downtown (I have no idea where that would be in an Indian city) & then spread all around it would be the industrial
area, the warehouses & then the suburbs. If Charleston has a downtown with high rises, they were not visible from the river. But it does have a stunning bridge going for it. The Charleston bay bridge has a charted clearance of 186 feet and we with an
air draft of 132 feet would have comfortably passed under it. But like getting out of a chopper, you always feel like ducking every time you pass under one of these.

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