Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Portland Senetor at Savannah

Pictured above is the Portland Senetor in the Savannah River & in the background is the Bridge over the Savannah River named the "Eugene Talmade Memorial Bridge". I'm not sure anyone calles it that though.

And the second picture shows us going underneath it at midnight. I had taken it on longer exposure so the thing has come out a little blurred.

The savannah is a gently meandering river that snakes its way between the borders of two of the Western states of the US & the activity along it is surprisingly heavy. Most of the shipping traffic like Jettys & the terminals are built along the
southern shore and because of this they stretch right along the river till more then fifty miles inland, So you actually have substantial traffic moving in the river even though there might not be much to see out there.

I remember that I had gone ashore in Savannah as a third mate & for the first time in my life discovered a place called an "Army-navy sulprus store". The amount of cool stuff out there had lit up my eyes.

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