Sunday, September 23, 2007


Location : Panama

I never did get around to telling you all about Curacao. I think we did go over the basics of the Netherlands Antilles & the ABC Islands. Before coming to Panama we had gone to Curacao. Pictured above is the Bridge of Curacao. It is probably the most
famous landmark of Curacao. This Bridge has a span of 55 meters on high water & is a beautiful & rather unususal design.

This picture was taken after we had come in the bay. In the background is the channel & then the sea. As you enter the channel, you are greeted by a row of beautiful buildings & the downtown area on either side. The next day, we were actually having a
coffee on the waterfront and saw a ship passing by. It was a beautiful sight & sadly denied to me because we entered & exited in the middle of the night.

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