Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Dog Saint of Nagpur

Nagpur is still a city of small bylanes and rustic bunglows. I had taken a stroll around Dharam peth area and came upon this statue in one of the bylanes. I an not sure who/what this is supposed to represent, but going by the vermellion marks on the image, evidently it is held in great affection or esteem.

There is ofcourse precedence for dog saints as this website explains, so I don't see why we in Nagpur can't have one for ourselves.

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Abhishek said...

Well Nagpur is full of surprises mate !! You can see any sort of living standard over hear !

Vinnie said...

cool hain thoda paas se lena tha na..i really wanted to see it up close ..go again

Velu said...

@Abhishek : thanks for dropping by and commenting. I see you have a nice thing going on at wordpress.

@Vinnie : Hain? closer pictures? I feel scared of going near normal dogs, and you want me to go near supernatural dogs? Will try to take a picture from closer up.