Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tea of life - Fiction 55

Why couldn't life be like drinking tea, he wondered. Relaxing , Simple and without any complications. People could be like Marie biscuit, he thought - there to add taste and substance to life. Why couldn't ... He muttered an oath as the soggy buscuit broke off and disappeared into his hot tea, splashing his fingers.
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Vinnie said...

heyyy..this is cool Captain!
u think of 55 fiction while having tea too..Waah Taj!

aah..the wishes one has..n then somehting happens to bring us back to reality...i loved this one!

i too love to dip Marie in chai lekin ek hi baar dip karo..n dont think too much while dipping:)

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey Captain,

Thanks for following my blog....very good attempt at 55 fiction....I know sometimes mind travels to your dream destinations and then suddenly brings you back ...makes you realise that its just a sweet dream!

I love Marie biscuit snce i was a kid!! I used to place in the saucer, spread some hot tea on it , gulp the tea down and then relish the biscuit!! :P

Velu said...

Oye! Thanks for the drops.

@vinnie : Take care or you'll get extra claories from the eclairs :) >O< , >O<

and I agree life really is irritating that way.

Aditi : It is a pleasure to follow your blog. Marie is the best.


veluSr said...

I too love to have biscuits dipped in tea , though I prefer Parle Glucose to Marie.
Sadly even Parle Glucose are in the habit of disappearing .
Very very good :-)

M & P

30ats said...

if life was as simple as drinking tea, you'd find it boring after a while.

Velu said...

@30ats : We really must be having different tea's. :)

Kartz said...

Why... Why... Why...

And it dawns. It's not for nothing that we call *it* - life.


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