Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Girl Child - Hooray !!

Hi All

Thanks for the wonderful poke from Vins for making me realize that I have been neglecting this space for the past few days. But some great news. I am now a father. Of a baby girl. :) Mean people insist that she looks like me, but I insist that she is perfectly lovely.

For something to develope from spikes on a scree up there to a live thing struggling in your arms is a huge journey. And when you hold that thing in your arms, is when you realize that the journey has just begun. This is huge for us first-time parents and a bit, no very scary in most respects. So I will take time allocating proper resources to the various parts of my life including this blog.

So while I neglect this space indiscriminately, please don't do the same yourselves. Love, cry, dance and laugh. Especially dance.

Hope you have the most magical year ahead and the best of health to you and your family.



Ms.R. said...

OMG! Congratulations! Many many heartfelt ones! You must be a proud Daddy now :) Congrats once again :)

Vinnie said...

Hey Captain daddy!

i am happy to be part of this wonderful experience in ur journey...God Bless the baby n her parents...Amen!

P.S: they say 'Laxmi' enters thru girl baby, man u r richer now!

Stormdrane said...