Friday, May 15, 2009

The empty room - fiction55

The hospital intercom rang.

The pediatric ward had promised to return her baby next day after the infections were removed. Why would they call now? It was obviously a Wrong number.

She let it ring for eight times before it fell silent.

Then she sat on the corner of her bed and listened for footsteps.


Vinnie said...

scary...i hate loneliness:(

nice one, Captain!

der Bergwind said...

ahh the 55's :) read both of 'em n the one before... some phase-shift of life that!
emptiness has its stories.. dunno if we pay attention to them.. nice read :)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

I dint get this.. :(
Can you explain?

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey nice, but sad!!

You write well buddy!! :)

Velu said...

Hi all. Sorry for not replying to the comments, but I'm blogging from my iPhone these days.

I ofcourse do value the comments and will hopefully get to them before they lose their relevance.

Thanks vin, dB, and Aditi.

RG - don't worry about it. Just trying to show how in stressful situations characters tend to think the worst. I think I will have to write a dribble for it to make sense. (only friendly pun intended at vins!!)


Vinnie said...

hehehhee...its Drabble, Captain.n i like ur friendly pun!

vaise, iphone se!!!

veluSr said...
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veluSr said...

The ordeal had left her totally spent and exhausted.Separation from the baby had added to her melancholy and further added to the sense of exhaustion. Telephone ring startled her . Utter exhaustion prevented her from reaching out and taking the phone.With every ring her expressions changed . By the eighth ring she looked contented . She slept with a ghost of smile lingering.After the telephone she knew there wont be unexpected footsteps outside the room nor a sudden knock on her door .She knew the meaning of positive thinking :-)

M & P

sawan said...

luvly bro. the words used brilliantly speaks out the insecurity in her. good work!

Amal Bose said...

sad one but great work
tc :-)

Ashwathy said...

depressing. but meaning well conveyed within the word limit :-)