Thursday, May 07, 2009

Indian Truck graffiti

The people driving trucks never let go of an opportunity to convey a message. Much like adding a signature in forums.

This one says,

" may god bless the person who made the vehicle. He has made homeless, all the drivers."

I wonder why this trend of putting messages on vehicle doesn't spread to private vehicles. All we put up are these stickers that are printed by the millions.


Vinnie said...


u could start with ur about 'I Love Vin's Blog' with the url too??

ApocalypsE said...

Yeah I have seen a lot...

Viluku vijayan, lorryku some name...

meaning, if its arjuna[mahabharat] for bows and arrows, its me for lorry...

these guys are cool when they arent driving rash... :)

Velu said...

Hi all.

LOL Vinnie. A great idea as ever. Will be sure to put it up :)

@Apocalypse : Am not really sure what you were on about out there, but thanks for your input.


Nivedita said...

What a nice thought...did that on my first bike ages ago, it said...'WHO CARES"...thanx for sharing :))

Like what you have here on the blog...the henna, the tea, the dog and more.

Shall stop by for more often :))


Stop by my blog sometime...add, follow, leave a comment...anything...ould love to have a feedback :)

Vinnie said...

hey Captain..
may i take the opportunity to explain Apocalypse's Tamil graffiti..

"if its Arjuna for bows n arrows, its me for lorry's" :)

this truck driver is some cool n confident guy..hehhe!

hary!! said...

itz dere on my bike in the silencer as " Eat my exhaust" ..he he just delivering a msg yu c!!